How to Become an UBER Driver: 4 Simple Steps & Bonus

Are you thinking about how to become an Uber driver?

Wondering how much they make?

What does it take?

If you have questions such as these or you’re already a driver and would like more information, you’re in luck.

We’ve rounded up what we believe to be the most pertinent information on the topic and put it together into this handy guide.

How to Become an UBER Driver & Benefits

1. Weigh the Benefits of Driving for UBER

Driving jobs can be easy and fun.

If you are looking for a part-time or full-time way to supplement your income, then you should consider being a driver for Uber.

Some of the benefits of this job include the following.

Setting Your Schedule

The main benefit is that you get to control your hours.

Total flexibility.

Actually, you do not even need to know what hours you will be working in advance.

You only need to work when you are able to.

With the freedom to go online and offline whenever you want, this job fits people with all types of schedules.

Control Over Earnings

Since you work as much as you want, you determine the amount of money you want to make in a week.

This means that if you need more money one week, then you can put in more hours or even consider working more during surge hours.

On the other hand, if you do not need so much money in a certain week, you can work less.

You are completely in control of how much money you make.

Support & Tools

Uber provides 24/7 support for drivers.

Their help page is informative and easy to navigate.

They also provide a smartphone to use for drivers who do not have one.

If you do not have a smartphone that can support the latest version of the app, worry not.

They take care of this for you.

The app also offers GPS direction as well as tips to help you increase your earnings.

Large Demand

Uber has lots of demand, so as a driver you will never waste time and money waiting for someone to need a ride.

This means that when you are out there driving, you will always be earning a fare.

But also!

More demand equals more job security.

2. UBER Driver Requirements

There are various requirements for both drivers and cars that you must meet or exceed to work with Uber.

However, you should note that these requirements vary by location.

Uber Driver Requirements

Requirements to Drive with UBER

If you want to drive with Uber, you must meet their list of requirements.

UberX basic requirements include:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Pass a background check and a driving record check.
  • Possess a valid driving license and must be licensed for a minimum of one year.
  • Have a valid registration of your vehicle.
  • Possess in-state car insurance with your name printed on the policy.

UBER Car Requirements

The car must be a model year 2000 or newer.

Some additional criteria include:

  • In some cities, the car must be a 2005 or newer.
  • They recommend driving hybrid cars for cost saving benefits (It’s not a requirement, though).
  • Must be a 4-door car, truck or minivan (both automatic and manual transmissions are acceptable).

Are There Insurance Requirements?

When you sign up to drive, you will need to provide insurance documents for your car.

Your name must appear on the insurance policy.

Uber also offers a comprehensive insurance package to protect their drivers and passengers.

It includes:

  • $1,000,000 of liability coverage per incident, which applies from when a driver accepts a ride until it concludes.
  • $1,000,000 underinsured/uninsured motorist bodily injuries coverage per incident.  This applies if you get into an accident with another motorist with a lack of or inadequate insurance.  The policy would cater for bodily injuries to every occupant of the vehicle.
  • $25,000/$50,000/$100,000 of contingent between trips. This covers drivers during the time when they are available, but between trips. Obviously, being a contingent plan, it would only pay if personal auto insurance pays zero or declines.
  • Contingent comprehensive & collision insurance. You might be wondering what happens if you already have your own personal insurance. Well, in that case, this policy will cover physical damage to the vehicle which happens during a trip. This would be up to the actual cash value of the car, for whatever reason, with a thousand dollars deductible.

If you’re going to be using your vehicle for work like this, it pays to know your insurance.

Check this out for some fun facts about rideshare driver insurance.

Pro Tip:  While Uber does provide this insurance, it only covers you while you’re working.  It is a good idea to check with your personal vehicle insurance company to make sure you’re covered during personal use.  There may be some fine print for those working in the rideshare industry.

3. The Process:  How to Become an UBER Driver

Regardless of what career path you have chosen, making money with Uber can be simple.

With a very flexible schedule, you only work when you can.

Part-time, full-time, whatever.

You can put in as many hours or as few hours as you choose, depending on how much money you want to make.

Whether you want to work a lot or a little, simply driving is a great way to realize your financial goals.

Start the application process now and start earning money.

How to Become an Uber Driver

Uber Application

It is free to apply.

The application is quite straightforward and anyone can do it.

You do not have to be a tech-savvy to do this.

You start by completing an application online.

Here you will provide your personal information, provide vehicle information and pictures, and then upload driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance.

The next step is a car inspection.

There are many company-specific car inspection stations in many cities where they will inspect your car for free.

You could also have a third party inspect your car.

After the first two steps are done, you just wait until your background check has cleared.


You will now be given a phone with the Uber partner app already loaded.

And you are ready to start driving.

Set you own schedule and start making money.

Pro Tip:  Driving for Uber is not the only way to make money as a Rideshare driver.  Many drivers prefer driving for Lyft because they receive tips from passengers in the app.  We suggest driving for both companies and so you may figure out which one you like best.

Using the UBER Partner App

Using this app is necessary for day-to-day pickups.

The app is your portal for receiving pickups as well as navigation directions to your destination.

You will have the option to accept or even decline a ride for a number of reasons.

However, do not decline very many rides as this could lead to your account being deactivated.

Also, treat passengers well so that you can get positive feedback and continue making money with Uber.

The driver app is already installed on the phone provided by Uber.

Or you can arrange to use your own phone if you so wish.

Easy peasy.

You simply need to accept a ride when a request pops up and you’ve started.

Pick up your passenger and confirm your arrival.

The passenger will automatically be charged by the app when the ride is concluded.

The app has an option for rating passengers after every ride.

The ratings range from 1 to 5.

Note that you cannot be paired again with a passenger you have rated 3 stars and below.

The app is easy to understand and to use after just one or two pick-ups.

UBER Requirements to Stay Active

Wondering how to become an Uber driver and stay that way?

Keeping your account in ‘active’ status is quite easy.

You just have to ensure that you accept at least one trip every thirty days.

This is just a minimum to ensure that the fleet of drivers is active, of course, but you can still drive as many times as you would like.

How to be an UBER Driver Without a Car

You might be wondering how to become an Uber driver if you do not have a car.

It is possible.

If you love the flexibility of ridesharing and the opportunity to make money on your own terms, then you can still do it even if you do not have a car.

Breeze is the answer to your problem.

You just need to join Breeze and they will rent you a Prius to assist you to get started.

They will even assist you in applying for jobs through on-demand ridesharing services like Uber, Lyft and many more.

4. UBER Driver Pay

Thinking about driving with Uber?

You love the idea of being your own boss, choosing your own hours and making money with your car.

How much could I make?

You’ll want to know before getting started.

Uber Driver Pay

How Much Do UBER Drivers Make?

Your pay depends on the number of hours you choose to work.

Wondering how much you could make per hour?

It varies.


So, if you are wondering how much you can make, it depends on you.

The number of hours you put into the job will determine how much you will make.

If you’d like the idea of getting tips from your passengers then you may want to consider becoming a Lyft Driver.

Maximizing Your UBER Driver Salary

There are various tips that you can apply as a driver to maximize your salary.

The important thing is to know how these work in your location.

Knowing the best times to drive can help you earn more than the normal rates.

How to Drive for UBER During Surge

Surge pricing hours are hours when there is a high demand for rides.

In such times, fare increases to ensure that those who need rides can get them easily.

For passengers, surge helps make sure pickup is available fast and reliably.

For drivers, surge means higher fares and a steady stream of ride requests.

When is this surge?

Prices surge during times when several ride requests are made in particular areas of the city, as well as when there are not adequate drivers in a particular area to accommodate the number of passengers requesting for rides.

When you are online your app displays areas with high demands for rides in red shades.

The deeper the red shade the greater the area’s demand.

Driving during surge pricing hours is a great way to maximize your earnings.

Savings Perks for Uber Driving

Savings Perks for UBER Driving

Uber is committed to supporting their drivers.

Drivers all over the world can access rewards that help them to reduce costs and keep most of their earnings.

These perks include the following in addition to many others.

Fuel Card Program

The fuel card program gives driver-partners who are eligible huge discounts at the pump.

Also, if you need a routine oil change, gas, or new tires, get up to 15% off at Firestone, Auto-Zone, Jiffy Lube, Valvoline, Meineke, and Midas.

The partner fuel card is fueled by MasterCard and FleetCor.

With this rewards program, all eligible partners can unlock significant savings of up to fifteen cents per gallon every time they fill up at a gas station all over the country.

That’s right.

Also as part of this provision, ExxonMobil will offer cardholders a minimum of three cents per gallon at about 2,600 participating Mobil or Exxon-branded service stations all through Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York and Boston.

Cardholders will get up to nine cents off per gallon at many participating Global Partner gas stations all through the Northeast.

Yet another benefit?

An automatic 1.5% off on fuel purchases in all places MasterCard is accepted and extra discounts at independent stations all over the country.

Phone Bill Savings

When driving for Uber, your phone is essential to running your business.

They are working with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint to save up to 15-18% on your monthly phone bill.

What’s more, you can extend these savings to your immediate family.

So, you do not have to enjoy these benefits alone.

Your spouse, children, and even your parents can enjoy savings on their phone bills as well.

Share the love!

Pro Tip:  You can earn a hefty Uber signup bonus just by filling out the application and completing your first rides.  The amount & requirements vary based on location, but either way, it can fatten up your wallet nicely!  You can begin the signup process here, and be sure to use promo code CLASSY  when prompted to unlock your bonus.

Music Perks

The driver app allows you to play music free of charge with Pandora.

This perk is available whether you are on or off a trip.

And it’s easy.

Just select a station to play or even create a new station according to your favorite genre, song or artist.

To be eligible for this perk, you must be an active driver in the U.S, New Zealand or Australia.

Other Perks If You Work for UBER

There are also other perks that you get to enjoy.

They include these and more!

Health Insurance Help

Uber goes an extra mile to take care of your health.

They have joined forces with Stride Health to assist you in getting the most excellent health insurance for you and your family.

This is all at no extra cost.

Their online portal makes this easy, and Stride Health is there to assist you with whatever you require.

Financial Advice

Whether it is tracking everyday finances or filing tax returns, partnerships with financial providers such as Intuit and H&R Block provide discounts as well as advice to make managing your money better and easier.

Driving with UBER FAQs

Driving with Uber FAQs

Can you make money with Uber after expenses?

The short answer is yes.  Most of the wage estimates and averages are after expenses, although some are not.  Expenses such as gas and maintenance are sometimes difficult to calculate because drivers only drive when they need to, so it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly which expenses came from working and which came from personal use.  Either way, your earnings definitely will outweigh your expenses.

How do you become a driver for Uber?

Requirements for UberX include the following:

  • 4-door vehicle able to seat a minimum of 4 passengers besides the driver.
  • Year 2001 or newer (this varies by city).
  • In-state plates and insurance.
  • No marked or salvaged vehicles or taxis.
  • Vehicle inspection approved.
  • Current registration (doesn’t have to be in your name, it just needs to be current).

How can I download the Uber partner app?

If you’re using the phone provided by Uber, it will already be installed and ready to go.  To get the Uber driver app on your personal phone, you first must return the phone that they provided from the beginning.  To download the app on your iPhone, click on this link:  Install the app like you would any other app, then log into your driver account and make sure it’s working properly.

How do you sign up for Uber?

Good question.  Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Download the Uber app.  It’s free on both the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account by tapping ‘Register’ and log in.
  3. Enter your payment information.
  4. Request a ride!

Can you be an Uber driver with a leased car?

Yes, of course.  One thing to be sure of, though, is to thoroughly read through your lease contract to make sure of the number of miles you are allowed before being charged additional fees.  For example, if your leased car allows 12,000 miles in a given period of time, driving for Uber and/or Lyft could result in 24,000 miles or more in that same period of time, which could cost a lot of extra money.  This depends on how often you drive, of course, but it pays to be careful.