Compliments Now Integrated in the Uber App

Have you ever had an Uber driver that you wish you could give a rating of more than 5 stars?

Had a driver that went above and beyond?

Sometimes, you could be feeling rushed or frantic, and you get a driver who not only gets it, but maybe makes your day a little better in the process.

Well, Uber hears you.

In fact, they are now rolling out a feature called ‘Compliments,’ which allows passengers to give a driver a compliment for something that made the ride that much more enjoyable.

When you give a compliment, the driver will receive a notification in his or her app with any details you may choose to provide.

You might just make someone’s day!




Examples of compliments include:  excellent service, great conversation, expert navigation, above and beyond, entertaining driver, cool car, awesome music, and great amenities.

Giving a compliment only takes a couple of taps of your finger.

You can even add a thank you note to go along with the compliment if you’d like.

The Uber partner app shows drivers a running total of their compliments, too.




This adds an interesting incentive for drivers to be extra helpful to rake in the positive self-esteem and great feedback.

So go ahead, make someone’s day!