UBER Promo Codes for Existing Users [Updated 2017]

Trying to find Uber promo codes for existing users is not easy.

But we are here to help!

Read through our comprehensive article below for ways to get free rides with Uber.

UBER Promo Codes for Existing Users

So, you’ve gone and used up your new user credits, and now you want a couple of Uber promo codes for existing users, right?

Don’t worry; you’re certainly not the only rider on the hunt for these elusive coupons.

UBER Promo Codes for Existing Users

In fact, Uber has become the most popular rideshare company by winning the loyalty of its customers.

No other company releases as many new promotions for new users as they do.

But for current customers?

Unfortunately, Uber promo credits, codes and coupons for current customers may not be as common or as attractive as those for first-time users.

If you have been with the rideshare giant for a while, you don’t get as many straightforward opportunities for credits.

But while daily deal discounts and other present user promos may be a thing of the past, that’s not to say that they’ve forgotten about the regular rider.

Albeit few and far between, the company sometimes runs promotions to help save continuing users some money.

You can catch some great offers on special occasions, holidays, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s, as well as private events with a free ride attached to them.

So basically, it boils down to good news and bad news…

The Bad News

At this time, unfortunately, there are not any active Uber promo codes for existing users; the only promotional codes currently active are for users new to the service.

If you haven’t used this convenient service yet, then by all means, you are eligible to receive a $15 ride credit just for downloading the app and requesting your first ride.

The Uber promo code to use in this situation is: CLASSY.

Or use $50 Lyft Promotion Code: .

The Good News

Even if you have already used up your first ride credit or have used Uber previously, there are still methods in which you can save some money.

Utilize free rides with another ridesharing service such as Lyft without putting in too much effort, for instance.

Go ahead and scroll through this page to find the premium codes for a free ride from Lyft and how to take full advantage of this type of savings discount.

Premium promo codes for existing users are available below for a limited time.

Where Are the Promo Codes?

Answer: The premium Uber promo codes for existing users are just a short scroll down.

Pro Tip: Are you a new user to the Uber app? See our guide to Uber promotion code & free ride coupons.

UBER Promo Codes for New Users in 2017

Ongoing users of Uber are definitely getting the short end of the stick when it comes to promotions.

New users have a lot to look forward to though!

As far as the elusive free rides go, first-time users are always the largest winners.

Reading this article and you’ve never used an Uber?

It’s your lucky day.

As a newbie, you are eligible for a free ride promo code or coupon by just downloading the app.

Aside from the new user promo credits and codes that allow you to get the very first ride free, there are also heaps of other ways you can still keep getting rewarded as an existing user.

Still don’t have the Uber app on your smartphone?

Do it today to get your free promo codes.

The following codes for new, first-time users are fully verified and currently working.

All of these codes offer a free ride up to $15 and are viable in the year 2017, but they all have their respective expiry dates.

Promo CodesCredit AmountExpiration Date
CLASSYOne ride up to $1506/01/2017
CLASSYOne ride up to $1504/15/2017
RIDESHAREOne ride up to $1509/30/2017
SOAROne ride up to $1506/05/2017
RIDEAPPSOne ride up to $1502/01/2017
RIDENEWSOne ride up to $1508/01/2017

*Note:  As a rule of thumb, first-time riders are advised to use their new promotion codes within 2 weeks of receiving to avoid expiration.

UBER Promo Codes for New Users 2017 List

Lyft Promo Codes for Existing UBER Users in 2017

If you’re an existing Uber user looking to save some money on your next ride, then you’re not out of luck.

Uber isn’t the only platform out there.

After the massive success of Uber, more startups came up to grab their very own piece of the pie.

While numerous companies have taken root, none has gained more popularity and a wider customer base than Lyft.

The rideshare and carpooling company is a strong rival in more ways than one, including the welcome strategy.

Lyft provides the same type of ridesharing service as Uber.


They also offer new user free ride discounts.

Lyft has a special promotional code that spans past your first ride instead of just the first like other companies’ promotions.

Their current promotion allows for new users to take advantage of ride credit up to $50 by using the Lyft credit code.

While these services are different in many respects, they each have unique features and cultures.

Each platform can be fun to compare and contrast for new users looking to utilize ridesharing without coughing up too much dough to check it out.

All of the following Lyft promo codes are 100% verified and current.

Promo CodeCredit AmountExpiration Date
SHYFTOne ride up to $505/15/2018
1STOne ride up to $5012/6/2017
OLIVEOne ride up to $509/22/2017
PROMOCODE99One ride up to $509/22/2017
COUPONCODE50One ride up to $509/22/2017
LYFTPROMOCODE50One ride up to $505/26/2017
PROMOCODESOne ride up to $509/2/2017
PROMOCODE50One ride up to $501/30/2018
TESTING50One ride up to $502/9/2018
MOVEOne ride up to $507/5/2017
CLASSYOne ride up to $509/15/2017

*Note:  Already a Lyft existing user too?  Check out these complete list of promo codes for Lyft and Uber codes for existing users guides.

Lyft Promo Codes for Existing UBER Users 2017 List

Other UBER Coupons for Continuing Customers

Like we said, promotion codes for our existing Uber users are few and far between.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any ways to get freebies and credits.


With some street smarts and some marketing, there’s a ton of other ways that existing Uber users are utilizing to earn free ride tickets.

By leveraging the following simple tricks, existing customers can enjoy free rides each and every time they travel.

UBER Rider Referral Program

If you’ve gotten to this point thinking that you’ve already exhausted your options for any type of savings because you’ve already tried Uber and Lyft, current users are still in luck.


Uber just so happens to offer ride credit for referring friends as new users to their platform.

At one point after their successful launch, the company realized that it needs to grow faster.

Initially, they tried out various strategies that saw them gain some decent traction.

But it was when they turned to their riders for help that they really struck gold.

This was achieved by implementing a referral program as a clever way to spread the word.

UBER Rider Referral Program

It works just like most refer-a-friend promotions; you get friends or family to try the service for the first time.

Simply put?

The referral program gives each rider a promotion code for a few bucks in free credit when they give it to a new user.

Should the new user download the app, they claim their ride credits with your code, and you as the referring user also get free credits in your account.

More and more current customers are taking full advantage of the program by referring friends, family, colleagues and even random people.

It’s a win-win!

Existing users getting free credit and Uber expands its customer base.

Despite the fact that the program has been around for over 4 years, it’s still the best way for existing customers to earn free ride credits.

Lyft also offers refer-a-friend ride credits, so by all means, don’t stop at just Uber if you’re serious about maximizing your coupon savings.

Where is the UBER Invite Code?

As an existing user, you can find your unique Uber invite code in the app on your smartphone.

Simply tap the menu button and scroll to promotions and free rides.

On your screen, you will get a display of the code as well as all the different ways you can share it.

Uber really gets points for making it super easy to share your invite code via text or email.

You’ve got choices.

Clicking on either tab allows you send the account specific link that includes your Uber referring code to your entire contacts list.

You can also choose to share your code on social media for an even wider reach.

Alternatively, you could also get the code on Uber’s website by clicking the free rides link.

How to Change Your Invite Code

As we’ve already established every existing Uber user get’s a unique alphanumeric invite code.

Since this code is automatically generated, it leaves little room for getting the word out.

They let you customize your invite code into a nice, personalized text i.e. your vehicle’s reg number, your username or even something a little more inviting.


Simply open your app and select profile from the menu.

Scroll to the invite code and tap customize.

After which, create your own personal code and claim it as yours.

To keep it secure and unique, Uber usually adds a suffix.

After you’re all set, you can share your code with friends to receive ride credits.

Pro Tip:  Remember who you’ll be sharing your invite code with (family & friends, etc.).  Make it something appropriate, but also simple so that people can remember it when they want to use it.

Current UBER Discount

As Uber states, they love offering their new and existing users new ways to save on trips.

New users often get free ride credits for trips up to anywhere between $10 to $25, depending on the current promotion.

Once you as an existing user sends an invite code to friend and family, you get up to $20 for every referral.

Capital One UBER Promotions

Most recently, Uber has made a deal with Capital One to earn users a free ride just by using your card as the default payment method.

Own a Capital One card?

There’s some great news for you.

Everything you ride with Uber and pay with your Quicksilver card, each ride gets you one step closer to riding for free.

Capital one has indeed partnered up with Uber in an exciting promotion that rewards all card holders with the tenth ride free for up to $15.

This applies to all Quicksilver and Quicksilver One cardholders.

You better hurry, though, because this offer runs until March 2017.

UBER Deals with Amex

Uber has been active this year with all sorts of deals and partnerships.

Recently, the rideshare giant partnered with American Express to help riders save money on their trips.

The first promotion is not really a free ride coupon.

It’s more of a membership reward program that allows you to pay with Amex points accrued from previous rides.

To reap the benefits?

All you have to do is use Amex as your default payment mode on your app before your trip.

You can also link your accounts.

Amex was also offering free Uber rides from select airports last year; they might do something similar this year too.

UBER Promo Code After the First Ride

After using your first user Uber promo code, you don’t have to look back with regret or frustrate yourself waiting for a magical offer from Uber.

Again, all you need here is street smarts and a lot of friends to take advantage.

UBER Promo Code After First Ride

Similarly, there are also plenty of rideshare company alternatives you could turn to for more offers and freebies.

Let’s check out the first method.

Ride with a New User

While this is without question one of the most effective ways to save money on rides after your first free ride, most users probably wouldn’t think of it.

We already talked about how referring a new user gets you both free ride credits.

It doesn’t stop there.

More often than not, a new user downloading the app does so when looking to grab a ride right there and then.

So, when your friends, family, and workmates take their first ride to a destination of interest, just hop in the car with them.

After all, a free or heavily discounted ride for them equals a totally free ride for you.

The great thing about this here technique is that there’s no set limit as to how many people can use the ride or how many times you can repeat it.

Try Zipcar

Now, for those of you who are old enough to vote, you probably remember good old Zipcar.

Long before Uber, Lyft and hundreds of other rideshare services were around, Zipcar was dominating the car hire/ transportation business.

However, the service uses a different dynamic from the rest that makes it unique even today.

Interesting, yes?

Zipcar is a subscription-based rental service that allows users to reserve a vehicle.

You pay by the hour or at a daily rate.

If you’re going really far and would prefer to drive yourself, then Zipcar is the service for you.

To improve reach, Zipcars are usually parked in plenty of designated spots in towns where riders can easily find them.

Frequent zippers also get a zip card that allows them to get in cars and return them once their voyage is complete.

It’s so easy!

Like the rideshare giants, Zipcar also offers promotions and offers in the form of a $30 discount for new users.


Pro Tip:  If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, simply click here for this special Zipcar promo and use promotion code ZIP30 when prompted for a $30 discount.


UBER Codes for Existing Users Q&A

Got a burning issue on your mind?

Not to worry, you’re certainly not only one with a few questions about these codes for our existing users.

As comprehensive as this guide may be, there’s always something more we could add to make your experience better.

UBER Codes for Existing Users Q&A

If you find any issue, have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions by other users.

Hopefully, you’ll find some of the answers you’re looking for.

How do I Utilize My Free Ride Credits on Uber?

Simply, by signing into your app and inputting the requested discount code.

Once you do that, Uber conducts all other operations electronically.

If your credits are in the form of a free ride coupon promo, Uber uses that automatically even before calculating the charge on your default payment.

However, if the fare is more that the free ride amount, you will still have to cough up the extra cash.

Why Isn’t My Invite Code Working for Some New Riders?

As the referral program states, it can only be used by those who are new to the platform.

That said, your invite code will be rendered ineffective in any of the following scenarios.

One, the promo code will not work if the person you referred has already completed a trip.

Secondly, they don’t even need to have completed a journey, just starting an Uber trip in the first place is enough to count as a first ride.

In both cases, your invite code will not apply nor will you get a free trip.

Why Was I Banned from Uber The Referral Program?

Uber encourages as much sharing of your invite codes as possible.

There are actually some people going about things the wrong way.

Their policy clearly states that existing users should not share their codes through avenues like paid advertising, public coupon sites or similar methods.

Doing so will only put you at a higher risk of getting banned from the passenger referral program.